Organist of St. Thomas Church Prof. Ullrich Böhme

Organist Ullrich Böhme Ullrich Böhme was born in the Vogtland region (Saxony) of Germany. From 1972 to 1979, he studied at the Music School for Church Music in Dresden with Hans Otto and at the Music Conservatory in Leipzig with Wolfgang Schetelich. After his state exams, he worked as the Cantor and organist in the Kreuz Church in Chemnitz till 1986.

In 1985, Ullrich Böhme was appointed to be the St. Thomas Church organist in Leipzig. Since then, his most important tasks are playing soloist organ music for church services, concerts, and motets with the St. Thomas Boys Choir, as well as playing the basso continuo to cantatas, oratorios and passions. In addition, he has performed concerts in different European countries, North America, and Japan. Radio and television broadcasters, both German and international, have produced many recordings with him. 

Ullrich Böhme has often been requested to be the member of the jury of many important international organ competitions. He teaches at the University of Leipzig for Music and Theater and gives classes in music interpretation. He was appointed his professorship in 1994.  


Thomasorganist Prof. Ullrich Böhme
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