Private Policy

All associated organizations (Evang.-Luth. Parish St. Thomas Leipzig, St. Thomas Church Society-Bach 2000, St. Thomas Foundation, Thomaskirche-Bach 2000 Marketing GmbH) represented on this homepage regard the protection of private data as the most important responsibility. We, therefore, wish to inform you, which data is retained and how it is used.

Personal Private Information

Personal private information is data, which can be used to identify a person through information such as the name, address, postal address, telephone number and email address and also non-public information (marital status, occupation, or private conduct)

How we Collect and Use Information

We collect information about you and your personal data to accurately identify and protect you for the purpose of sending proof of payment/donation or servicing your inquiries. We assure our members and donators that the data is used solely by us for our purposes.

Online Services

We request your name and other personal information, when you subscribe to the newsletter, donate online or send a message or inquiry per online. Your email address is of course used only for our purposes and not shared. For payment, we use technology that encrypts online information according to up-to-date standards and without the interference of third parties outside our institutions (no external sharing).

Security of Online Donations

We use technology that encrypts online information so it transfers privately between your bank and our associations.