Association Thomaskirche-Bach 2000-International Friends

The association "Thomaskirche-Bach 2000 - International Friends" was founded on March 21st, 1997 in Leipzig and has approximately 300 members worldwide. Considered one of the most successful fundraising associations in Leipzig, the “Thomaskirche-Bach 2000” has financially supported the Evang.-Luth. Church Parish St. Thomas with 5.5 Million EUR.

Ostansicht View from the East The goals of the fundraising association:

  1. Initiate campaigns to preserve the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig
    Around 180,000 EUR are needed every year to pay for the preservation and maintenance of the St. Thomas Church. The church parish receives a subsidy of only 1075 EUR per year. The remaining amount is raised through donations.

  2. Initiate campaigns to restore the former school of the St. Thomas Boys Choir.
    80,000 EUR are needed for the restoration of the former school. This amount is needed to restore the interior of this house, built in 1904, with its historic art nouveau elements. The Thomashaus with its special atmosphere is used for

    receptions, private concerts and other festivities. Furthermore, there are located the office of the Verein Thomaskirche-Bach 2000 e. V., the rectory and other organisations.

  3. To maintain the musical heritage of Johann Sebastian Bach in the St. Thomas Church
    Many musical events are not feasible without the support of financial subsidiary. The Association Thomaskirche-Bach 2000 supports the Evang.-Luth. Church Parish St. Thomas through motets not sung by the St. Thomas Boys Choir, and with concerts. Thus, the association helps preserve the musical heritage of Johann Sebastian Bach and thereby helps keep the St. Thomas Church as a place, where music lives.

    Mitgliederfahrt Trip for the Members to Eisenach





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In order to fulfil all these goals, we need your support!
Become a Symbol interner Link member  of the Association Thomaskirche-Bach 2000-International Friends and help us preserve this heritage through your . Thank you!

Association members will be informed periodically of the latest news of the St. Thomas Church and the Association. Additionally, members receive invitations to concerts, general meetings, members-only excursions, receptions and other events. Furthermore, members receive 10% discount on items from the Thomasshop.

Kaffee im Gemeinderaum Event in the Former School of the St. Thomas Boys Choir


Association Thomaskirche - Bach 2000 e.V.
International Friends
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