Important Dates and Events

1212 Foundation of the Augustian Monastery
02.12.1409 Foundation of Leipzig University in the Monastery of St. Thomas
14.09.1477 The oldest bell "Gloriosa" is cast
1482-1496 Renovation of the nave into a late-Gothic Hall Church
24.06.1519 Service held for the opening of the Leipzig Dispute between Martin Luther and Johann Eck
25.05.1539 Martin Luther introduces the Reformation in Leipzig
1541 Dissolution of the monastery and destruction of its buildings
1723-1750 Johann Sebastian Bach is Cantor in Leipzig
1732 Renovation of the St. Thomas Church
12.05.1789 W.A. Mozart plays the organ here
1806 The church is used to store munitions by Napoleon's troops
1813/1814 The church is used as military hospital during "Battle of the Nations"
04.04.1841 Bach's St. Matthew Passion performance initiated by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
16.09.1842 Foundation of the „Gustav - Adolf - Werk"

Dedication of the Bach Memorial, built through Mendelssohn's initiative

26.11.1848 Commemoration of Robert Blum in the St. Thomas Church
1884-1889 Renovation of the church to a Neo-Gothic style; building of the Sauer Organ
1902 Closing of the old St. Thomas School 
1904 The Church Superintendent's House is built on the site of the St. Thomas Church 
1908 Dedication of the Bach Memorial by Carl Seffner
1917 The last tower-keeper moves out of of the bell-tower apartment
04.12.1943 Tower is damaged by fire-bombs
1950 Bach's grave moved to the St. Thomas Church
1961-1964 Renovation of the interior of the church
1966/1967 Building of the Schuke Organ (deinstalled 1999)
1991 Beginning of the complete restoration of the St. Thomas Church
1993 Dedication of the Paulus Altar
04.11.1997 Installation of the Mendelssohn Window
21.05.2000 Thomas Window in the sanctuary
11.06.2000 Dedication of the restored St. Thomas Church and the new Bach Organ
28.07.2000 Celebration of the 259th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach's death
2005 Renovation of the Sauer Organ
18.10.2008 Dedication of the new sculptured Mendelssohn Memorial; destroyed by the Nazis in 1936
11.10.2009 Dedication of the Peace Window
20.03.2012 Ceremony "800 Years THOMANA - believing, singing, learning"